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Arneson, Jauquet, Jerovetz, Moede and Liegeois Victorious at Luxemburg

Posted under Race Reports on August 25th, 2012

Photos by Dan Lewis Photography –

By Greg Aregoni

(Luxemburg, WI)- The Rookie of the year has long been decided in the IMCA Modified division. Eric Arneson is no ordinary rookie though. Arneson captured his third IMCA Modified feature event on Friday Night. Other winners included Jeremy Jauquet (IMCA Stockcars) Troy Jerovetz (IMCA Sportmods) Derek Moede (IMCA Hobby Stocks) and Ralph Liegeois (4 Cylinders)

Luke Lemmens jumped from the outside pole and into the lead in the IMCA Stockcar feature. Jeremy Jauquet ran second for the opening half of the feature. Jauquet would track down Lemmens and make the pass down low at the half way point of the race. A caution would keep the field close. Jauquet would keep Scott Stewart at a distance the rest of the feature and pick up his second win of the season. Stewart finished second with Dave Bouche, Larry Karcz and Dustin Loberger finishing top 5. A flat tire midrace would designate Troy Muench down pit lane. Czarapata would gain enough spots after an early race incident to capture the point lead over Muench going into next week’s championship night.

Frank Dorn led the opening few laps of the IMCA Hobby Stock feature. Scott Boulanger would grab the lead for one lap only to succumb to a flat tire. On a restart after a caution, Dorn would continue to lead with Tom Brumlic and Derek Moede in tow. The duo would take the top two spots with Brumlic leading the way. Moede would stay smooth and pass Brumlic for the late race win. Moede still trails Brumlic in the standings after they both finished first and second. Rob Waechter, Frank Dorn and Ryan Rohr rounded out the top five.

Andy Ratajczak would lead the opening lap of the IMCA Sportmod feature before Troy Jerovetz darted down low and into the lead. Jerovetz would cruise the remaining laps and pick up his first victory of the season in 2012 at Luxemburg. He also won his heat scoring the clean sweep. Eric Mahlik would finish second and inherit the point lead with one night remaining. Josh Long, Christopher Budzban and Dennis Miesler all ran in the top five.

Brad Theys looked like a man possessed working the top of the track and into the lead in the IMCA Modified feature. Theys would pull away early over Dave Zeitler. Theys would continue to lead with Eric Arneson, Shawn Kilgore and Benji LaCrosse moving into the top 4. Arneson would take the bull by the horn and charge down low on lap 12. Arneson would pull into the lead right before a caution would wave. On the restart, Kilgore was able to lead for 1 lap but Arneson fought back and never relinquished the lead and picked up his third feature of the year. LaCrosse passed Kilgore late for second. Todd Dart finished fourth with Jay Matthias fifth after qualifying through one of the last chance races.

Ralph Liegeois is once night away from back to back crowns in the 4 Cylinder division. He picked up the win and extended his point lead. In heat race action, Jason Dondlinger barrel rolled his 4 Cylinder in turns one and two. The car suffered heavy damage.

Next Friday Night August 31st, Tri County Heating will be sponsoring championship night. All divisions will crown their respective champions. Tri County Heating has sponsored 4 kids bikes to be raffled off. Luxemburg Speedway is located 15 minutes east of Green Bay off highway 54 at the Kewaunee County Fairgrounds. The GPS address is 1140 Alpine Street Luxemburg, WI 54217. The track’s website is For more information call Gene Mathu at 621-3428.
IMCA Modified Feature- 1. Eric Arneson, Oconto Falls 2. Benji LaCrosse, Green Bay 3. Shawn Kilgore, New Franken 4. Todd Dart, Algoma 5. Jay Matthias, DePere

Consy #1 1. Russ Reinwald, Juneau
#2 1. Matthias

Heats- #1 1. Theys 2. Tim Czarneski, Denmark
#2 1. Danny Deau, Little Suamico 2. Dan Ratajczak, Frog Station
#3 1. Dave Zeitler, Luxemburg 2. Arneson
#4 1. Brian Joski, Abrams 2. LaCrosse

IMCA Stockcar Feature- 1. Jeremy Jauquet, Green Bay 2. Scott Stewart, Oconto 3. Dave Bouche, Algoma 4. Larry Karcz, Pulaski 5. Dustin Loberger, Oconto

Heats- #1 1. Tyler Smith, Luxemburg 2. Bouche
#2 1. Jauquet 2. Stewart

IMCA Sportmod Feature- 1. Troy Jerovetz, Green Bay 2. Eric Mahlik, Green Bay 3. Josh Long, Green Bay 4. Christopher Budzban, Lake Butte Des Morts 5. Dennis Miesler, Luxemburg

Heats- #1 1. Andy Ratajczak, Frog Station 2. Miesler
#2 1. Jerovetz 2. Mahlik
#3 1. Jeremy Cota, Oconto 2. Greg Potts, Green Bay
IMCA Hobby Stock Feature- 1. Derek Moede, Casco 2. Tom Brumlic, Denmark 3. Rob Waechter, Ellisville 4. Frank Dorn, Luxemburg 5. Ryan Rohr, Kewaunee

Heats- #1 1. Dorn 2. Scott Boulanger, Luxemburg
#2 1. Moede 2. Dave Schmidt, Algoma

4 Cylinder Feature- 1. Ralph Liegeois, Oconto 2. Calvin Nowak, Abrams 3. Dan VanPay, Green Bay 4. Calvin Stueck, Clintonville 5. Jessica Liegeois, Oconto

Heat- 1. Stueck 2. Nowak

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