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Cochart, Heinz, Long, Boulanger and Liegeois Triumph at Luxemburg Speedway

Posted under Race Reports on May 5th, 2012

Photos by Dan Lewis Photography –

By Greg Aregoni

(Luxemburg, WI)- In a cool opener which was almost beaten by mother nature, five feature winners prevailed at Luxemburg Speedway. Cory Cochart won his first career IMCA Modified Feature. Other winners included: John Heinz (IMCA Stockcars) Josh Long (IMCA Sportmods) Scott Boulanger (IMCA Hobby Stocks) and Ralph Liegeois Jr (4 Cylinders)

Derek Moede graced as leader in the IMCA Hobby Stock Feature for one lap until Scott Boulanger took the top honors in a move down low on lap two. With Boulanger solidly out front, Tom Brumlic would make his way into second with his sights set on the leader. Brumlic would run down Boulanger halfway through the race and begin to look for an opening. Brumlic would try three lanes of racing over the final ten laps but to no avail. Boulanger would score the feature win in the season opener with Brumlic second. Moede would finish third a half lap back. Travis Hackett would finish fourth with George Paul fifth.

Josh Long and Brad Lautenbach would start on the front row of the IMCA Northern Sportmod feature and take off from the rest of the field. A caution for a spin on lap four would regroup the field. Mark Joski would use good bite on the topside of the track to get around Lautenbach on the restart. The race would stay green until a caution with four laps to go would set up a four lap dash for cash. Lautenbach would repeat the move Joski made earlier to garnish the second spot. Lautenbach would be able to stay on the back bumper of Long but never mount a charge for the win. Long would earn the point lead with the win and Lautenbach second. Joski would settle for third with Greg Potts and Andy Kleczka rounding out the top five.

John Heinz used his pole position in the IMCA Stockcar main to run a dominant feature. Heinz would contend with Ben Kroll early in the main but would get out front and never look back in taking the win. With Kroll in second, Troy Muench, Dave DeGrave and Larry Karcz Jr would have a great battle for the third spot. Karcz would eventually win the three car war and make his way to Kroll. Karcz would get to second but would run out of laps as Heinz took the checkered flag. Karcz would finish second after restarting the race dead last with fifteen laps to go after a pit stop for a broken shock. Kroll would assume third position with Muench fourth and DeGrave fifth.

Four cautions in five laps plagued the start of the IMCA Modified Feature. Twelve cars were taken out by wrecks leaving only seven cars left. Cory Cochart would run to an impressive lead over Ron Berna. Cochart would keep a few car lengths over Berna and himself the rest of the race. Cochart would earn his first career IMCA Modified win ahead of Berna. Sean Jerovetz would finish third after being involved in an early wreck. Tim Czarneski would run fourth after qualifying for the main through the last chance race. Lance Arneson would spring into fifth spot.

2011 4 Cylinder Champion Ralph Liegeois started off the season in fine fashion cashing in on the feature win. Liegeois would hold off the challenges of Michael Verheyden to take the win.

Algoma Motors will be sponsoring the racing action at Luxemburg Speedway Next Friday May 11th. The five regular divisions will be in action. Races start at 7 p.m. Luxemburg Speedway is located 15 minutes east of Green Bay off highway 54 at the Kewaunee County Fairgrounds. The GPS address is 1140 Alpine Street Luxemburg, WI 54217. The track’s website is For more information call Gene Mathu at 621-3428.
IMCA Modified Feature- 1. Cory Cochart, Kewaunee 2. Ron Berna, Green Bay 3. Sean Jerovetz, Little Suamico 4. Tim Czarneski, Denmark 5. Lance Arneson, Krakow

Consy- 1. Dave Zeitler, Luxemburg

Heats- #1 1. Berna 2. Cochart
#2 1. Jared Seifert, Luxemburg 2. Jay Matthias, DePere
#3 1. Arneson 2. R.M. Van Pay, Denmark

IMCA Stockcar Feature- 1. John Heinz, Green Bay 2. Larry Karcz Jr, Pulaski 3. Ben Kroll, New Franken 4. Troy Muench, Brussels 5. Dave DeGrave, Luxemburg

Consy- 1. Cory Suchoski, Bolt

Heats- #1 1. Shawn Havel, Algoma 2. Dave Bouche, Algoma
#2 1. Brandon Czarapata, Appleton 2. Heinz
#3 1. Charlie Kroll, Forestville 2. Ben Kroll

IMCA Northern Sportmod Feature- 1. Josh Long, Green Bay 2. Brad Lautenbach, New Franken 3. Mark Joski, New Franken 4. Greg Potts, Green Bay 5. Andy Kleczka, Suamico

Consy- 1. Nick Mahlik, Green Bay

Heats- #1 1. Kleczka 2. Randy Lemieux Jr, Sturgeon Bay
#2 1. Jarred VanLannen, Green Bay 2. Dennis Miesler, Luxemburg
#3 1. Long 2. Potts

IMCA Hobby Stock Feature- 1. Scott Boulanger, Luxemburg 2. Tom Brumlic, Denmark 3. Derek Moede, Luxemburg 4. Travis Hackett, Algoma 5. George Paul, Green Bay

Heats- #1 1. Rob Waechter Jr, Ellisville 2. Wes Salentine, Luxemburg
#2 1. Boulanger 2. Dave Schmidt, Kewaunee

4 Cylinder Feature- 1. Ralph Liegeois Jr, Oconto 2. Michael VerHeyden, New Franken 3. Dan Van Pay, Green Bay

Heat- 1. Brandon Kaye, New Franken 2. Liegeois

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