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LaCrosse out Duels Czarapata at Luxemburg

Posted under Race Reports on June 16th, 2012

Photos by Dan Lewis Photography (

By Greg Aregoni

(Luxemburg, WI)- With fans always talking about whom the top IMCA Modified driver in the area is; Benji LaCrosse and Jason Czarapata put on a 2 car battle for more fans to speculate about. LaCrosse ended up in victory lane in the on Friday night June 15th. Other winners on the evening included Charlie Kroll (IMCA Stockcars) Tyler Wilson (IMCA Sportmods) Rob Waechter (IMCA (Hobby Stocks) Tony Everard (Street Stocks) Dan Van Pay (4 Cylinders).

Tony Everard used his pole starting spot to jump out early in the Street Stock main. Everard would continue to lead while holding the field at bay. Bob Czarapata would run his way to second maintaining his eye on Everard. Czarapata would move to the top of the track to make the pass for the top spot. Both times Czarapata seemed to have the momentum to take the lead a lapped car would interfere with the process. Everard would run the bottom to victory with Czarapata settling for second. Alan Schlueter, Kevin Luedtke and Jason Kostichka rounded out the top five.

Frank Dorn ran up front in the IMCA Hobby Stock feature until a lap 3 caution halted the race. Mechanical menace would take Dorn from the lead to the pits. Rob Waechter Jr inherited the lead after the caution. Scott Boulanger would try to stay with Waechter but failed to do so. Waechter pulled away after a series of midrace cautions for his second win of the season. Boulanger took home second place points. Dave Schmidt had a season best third place finish. Wes Salentine gained 1 point in the standings with his fourth place finish. Point leader Tom Brumlic took home fifth.

Tyler Wilson started up front and ended up front in the IMCA Sportmod Feature. Wilson jumped up from the pole to a good size lead early in the feature. With Wilson out front, the battle would be for second. Brian Bruechert methodically moved his machine through the field and into second. Bruechert caught Wilson from 10 car lengths back and moved to the inside of Wilson. With five laps to go, Bruechert seemed to have a malfunction and faded. Wilson would cruise to his first career IMCA Sportmod win. Ryan Lemieux made a pass on Bruechert for second. Tyler Hackett and point leader Brad Lautenbach finished in the top five.

Charlie Kroll started second in the IMCA Stockcar main and charged out in front of the pack. Brandon Czarapata started 7th on the field and moved to second place by lap 3. Czarapata would stay right on the back bumper of Kroll. Ben Kroll made a bid for the top spot as he worked to the outside of Czarapata and Charlie Kroll. Ben Kroll would fade back to third halfway through the race. With four laps to go, a caution for a stalled vehicle would halt the field. On the restart, Charlie Kroll fended off both Czarapata and Ben Kroll on his way to his first victory of the season. Czarapata bested Ben Kroll for second. Troy Muench earned the point lead with his fourth place finish. Dave DeGrave finished fifth.

Chad Bartel used the outside row to snatch the lead in the IMCA Modified finale. Bartel would keep his machine up top with Jason Czarapata running right down low. Czarapata would find momentum on lap four and take the lead. Benji LaCrosse started 11th and made his way through the field and into second with Shawn Kilgore third. LaCrosse would stay on the very outside of the track and start knocking off the lead between himself and Czarapata. LaCrosse would make his way outside of Czarapata with 5 laps to go and inch into the lead. Czarapata would switch lanes and trail LaCrosse through lapped traffic. LaCrosse would keep Czarapata behind him and pick up his second win of the season. Kilgore picked up the point lead after his third place finish. Kyle Kudick and James Tebon scored top five finishes.

Dan Van Pay held off a late charge from point leader Ralph Liegeois Jr to earn his first 4 Cylinder win of the season. Jeff Behm finished third in his first run at the track this season.

Next Friday Night June 22nd, Veterans will be honored at Luxemburg Speedway. There will be representatives from the armed forces and a ceremony to honor the veterans. Badgerland Concrete will be sponsoring the races. Races start at 7 p.m. Luxemburg Speedway is located 15 minutes east of Green Bay off highway 54 at the Kewaunee County Fairgrounds. The GPS address is 1140 Alpine Street Luxemburg, WI 54217. The track’s website is For more information call Gene Mathu at 621-3428.

IMCA Modified Feature- 1. Benji LaCrosse, Green Bay 2. Jason Czarapata, Pulaski 3. Shawn Kilgore, New Franken 4. Kyle Kudick, Mishicot 5. James Tebon, Algoma

Consy- 1. Scott Derenne, Luxemburg

Heats- #1 1. Chad Bartel, Shiocton 2. Czarapata
#2 1. Bill Lemieux, Sturgeon Bay 2. Jeremy Jacobs, Luxemburg
#3 1. Sean Jerovetz, Little Suamico 2. Russ Reinwald, Juneau

IMCA Stockcar Feature- 1. Charlie Kroll, Forestville 2. Brandon Czarapata, Appleton 3. Ben Kroll, New Franken 4. Troy Muench, Union 5. Dave DeGrave, Luxemburg

Consy- 1. Luke Lemmens, Kewaunee

Heats- #1 1. Jeremy Jauquet, Green Bay 2. Eric Malfroid, Luxemburg
#2 1. C Kroll 2. Czarapata
`#3 1. John Heinz, Green Bay 2. B Kroll

IMCA Sportmod Feature- 1. Tyler Wilson, Sobieski 2. Ryan Lemieux, Sturgeon Bay 3. Brian Bruechert, Kewaunee 4. Tyler Hackett, Algoma 5. Brad Lautenbach, New Franken

Consy- 1. Brandon Long, Green Bay

Heats- #1 1. J.J. Anderson, Suamico 2. Lemieux
#2 1. Josh Long, Green Bay 2. Wilson
#3 1. Andy Kleczka, Abrams 2. Mark Joski, New Franken

IMCA Hobby Stock feature- 1. Rob Waechter Jr, Ellisville 2. Scott Boulanger, Luxemburg 3. Dave Schmidt, Kewaunee 4. Wes Salentine, Luxemburg 5. Tom Brumlic, Denmark

Heats- #1 1. Frank Dorn, Luxemburg 2. Waechter
#2 1. Travis Hackett, Algoma 2. Jordan Parma, Kewaunee

Street Stock Feature- 1. Tony Everard, Green Bay 2. Bob Czarapata, Krakow 3. Alan Schlueter, Oconto 4. Kevin Luedtke, Sturgeon Bay 5. Jason Kostichka, Green Bay

Heat- 1. Czarapata 2. Schlueter

4 Cylinder Feature- 1. Dan Van Pay, Green Bay 2. Ralph Liegeois Jr, Oconto 3. Jeff Behm, Clintonville 4. Matt Kaye, New Franken 5. Scott Johnson, Green Bay

Heat- 1. Kaye 2. Van Pay

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