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Posted under Race Reports on July 6th, 2013

Photos by Dan Lewis Photography –

By Scott Owen

Luxemburg, WI, 7/5/13–Bloomington Illinois racer Jason Feger lived up to his moniker as “The Highside Hustler” as he used the very top side of the track to his advantage en route to his second Corn Belt Clash Dirt Late Model Series victory of the season. JJ Heinz scored his first feature win of the season, while Keith Kickbusch garnered his fifth win of the year in five races.

Jason Feger started on the pole of the fifty lap Corn Belt Clash Dirt Late Model Series feature and led lap one of the race. Chad Simpson went high through turns one and two to pass Feger on lap two. Simpson began to pull away from the field as Feger and AJ Diemel battled for second. A caution on lap five of the race bunched the field back up. Simpson again began to pull away from the second place running Diemel. Simpson continued to build on his lead until he caught the tail of the field. Working through traffic allowed Diemel to gain ground on the leader. Caution came out again on lap fifteen for debris bunching the field back up. On the restart Feger went to the high side of the track and passed Diemel for second. Feger continued to run the high side through turns one and two and the low line through turns three and four as he went to work to catch Simpson. Feger made the pass for the lead inside of Simpson on lap twenty seven. Simpson and Diemel then began a battle for the second spot. Feger continued to lead Simpson and Diemel through traffic as the race reached ten laps to go. Behind the leaders a great battle was being fought for fourth place between Scott Bloomquist, Matt Furman, and Russ Scheffler. Feger held the lead to the end and scored the win. Simpson edged Diemel by an eyelash at the start finish line.

In the IMCA Stock Car feature Evan Madden took advantage of his pole starting position to take the early lead. Justin Jacobsen grabbed the lead on lap two and quickly received pressure from JJ Heinz. Heinz eventually got to the inside of Jacobsen and held off Jacobsen for the duration of the race.

Andy Fuhrmann took the lead from Scott Karbon on lap two of the Street Stock feature before Keith Kickbusch took to the high line to grab the lead from Fuhrmann. Kickbusch was virtually unchallenged for the rest of the race on the way to his fifth victory on the season.


LATE MODEL FEATURE: 1)Jason Feger, 2)Chad Simpson, 3)AJ Diemel, 4)Scott Bloomquist, 5)Matt Furman, 6)Jason Utter, 7)Russ Scheffler, 8)Nick Anvelink, 9)Tim Buhler, 10)Paul Parker, 11)Pete Parker, 12)Brett Swedberg, 13)Tom Naeyaert, 14)Bob Cullen, 15)Mark Rose, 16)Mike Fryer, 17)Jim Schmidt, 18)Ron Berna, 19)Justin Ritchie, 20)Dave Eckrich, 21)Joe Reuter, 22)Doug Blashe, 23)Chris Simpson, 24)Ricky Weiss.

LATE MODEL QUICK 6: 1)Feger, 2)Chad Simpson, 3)Diemel, 4)Furman, 5)Cullen, 6)Utter.

LATE MODEL LAST CHANCE QUALIFIER: 1)Berna, 2)Rose,3)Paul Parker, 4)Schmidt, 5)Naeyaert.

FIRST LATE MODEL HEAT: 1)Feger, 2)Buhler, 3)Anvelink.
SECOND LATE MODEL HEAT: 1)Diemel, 2)Chris Simpson, 3)Furman.
THIRD LATE MODEL HEAT: 1)Utter, 2)Chad Simpson, 3)Scheffler.
FOURTH LATE MODEL HEAT: 1)Cullen, 2)Bloomquist, 3)Eckrich.

IMCA STOCK CAR FEATURE: 1)JJ Heinz, 2)Justin Jacobsen, 3)Brandon Czarapata, 4)Matt Junio, 5)Rod Snellenberger, 6)Dustin Loberger, 7)Jeremy Witala, 8)Evan Madden, 9)Brett Koehler, 10)Tom Brumlic.

IMCA STOCK CAR LAST CHANCE QUALIFIER: 1)Dave Bouche, 2)Jeff Vlies, 3)Dan Sell, 4)Dave DeGrave.

IMCA STOCK CAR HEAT 1: 1)Madden, 2)Snellenberger, 3)Tony Bouche.
IMCA STOCK CAR HEAT 2: 1)Robert Waechter, 2)Shawn Havel, 3)Loberger.
IMCA STOCK CAR HEAT 3: 1)Heinz, 2)Jacobsen, 3)Czarapata.
IMCA STOCK CAR HEAT 4: 1)Junio, 2)Koehler, 3)Tyler Smith.

STREET STOCK FEATURE: 1)Keith Kickbusch, 2)Scott Boulanger, 3)Kevin Luedtke, 4)Andy Fuhrmann, 5)Tony Everard, 6)Michael Rabas, 7)Josh Mahlberg, 8)Scott Karbon, 9)Marcus Moede, 10)Billy LeMieux.

STREET STOCK HEAT 1: 1)Furhmann, 2)Kickbusch, 3)Luetdke.
STREET STOCK HEAT 2: 1)Boulanger, 2)Moede, 3)Mahlberg.


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