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Posted under Race Reports on August 10th, 2013

By Scott Owen

Luxemburg,WI,8/9/13–Incredible weather greeted racers and fans at the Luxemburg Speedway. Young Cody Junio scored his first career feature win at the track. While Eddie Muenster, JJ Heinz, Josh Long, and Keith Kickbusch returned to victory lane.

Three time track champion Eddie Muenster started on the pole of the IMCA Modified feature and never looked back on the way to his first feature win at the track in 2013. The venerable Little Suamico racer was virtually unchallenged in the victory. Defending track champion Sean Jerovetz had a strong run to finish in second. Jay Matthias came home third followed by point leader Shawn Kilgore.

Eric Malfroid led the opening lap of the IMCA Stock Car feature before being passed by Ben Kroll. Kroll’s time in the lead would only last one lap though as Justin Jacobson took the lead on the third lap. JJ Heinz overtook Jacobson on the fourth lap of the race to grab the lead. As the race went on Jacobson stayed glued to Heinz’s rear bumper but could not muster enough speed to pass Heinz who went on to win his third feature of the year. Jacobson crossed the line in second, but disqualified for a rules infraction after the race.

The IMCA Sport mod feature was led early on by Jacob Zellner who was immediately challenged by Dennis Miesler. After only a few laps the lead duo began to receive pressure from Josh Long and Andy Kleczka. Long grabbed the lead from Miesler on lap nine and went on to win his second feature of the year and extend his point lead. Kleczka came home a solid second.

The IMCA Hobby Stock feature race proved to be the Cody Junio show. The second generation driver drove the bus as he took the field to school. Junio led every lap en route to his first ever feature victory. Scott Boulanger finished the race in second.

Keith Kickbusch scored his sixth Street Stock feature of the year in a hard fought battle with Jerry Winkler and Gary Kasperek.

Racing will continue next Friday night, August 16th, with the trailer race of destruction joining the regular race program. For more information about the Luxemburg Speedway go to Also check out the tracks Facebook page at

Racing Summary

IMCA Modified Feature: 1)Eddie Muenster, 2)Sean Jerovetz, 3)Jay Matthias, 4)Shawn Kilgore, 5)Jared Siefert, 6)James Lee Tebon, 7)Todd Dart, 8)Erik Mahlik, 9)Kyle Kudick, 10)RM Van Pay, 11)Johnny Whitman, 12)Jeremy Jacobs, 13)Mike Joski, 14)Lance Arneson, 15)Chad Nelson, 16)Jerry Muenster, 17)Eric VanIten, 18)Brad Theys, 19)Tyler Hackett, 20)Brad Lautenbach.

Last Chance Qualifier: 1)Mahlik, 2)Van Pay, 3)Nelson, 4)Theys.

First Heat: 1)Joski, 2)Siefert, 3)VanIten.
Second Heat: 1)Matthias, 2)Jerry Muenster, 3)Arneson.
Third Heat: 1)Dart, 2)Jerovetz, 3)Whitman.
Fourth Heat: 1)Tebon, 2)Eddie Muenster, 3)Kilgore.

IMCA Stock Car Feature: 1)JJ Heinz, 2)Brandon Czarapata, 3)Dustin Loberger, 4)Shawn Havel, 5)Dave DeGrave, 6)Matt Junio, 7)Ben Kroll, 8)Rod Snellenberger, 9)Dave Bouche, 10)Troy Muench, 11)Tom Brumlic, 12)Robert Waechter, 13)Barry VanStraten, 14)Tony Bouche. 15)Ryan Blank, 16)Paul White, 17)Luke Lemmens, 18)Eric Malfroid , 19)Justin Jacobson.

First Heat: 1)Loberger, 2)Jacobson, 3)Dave Bouche.
Second Heat: 1)Muench, 2)Czarapata, 3)Havel.
Third Heat: 1)Heinz, 2)Junio, 3)Brumlic.

IMCA Sport Mod Feature: 1)Josh Long, 2)Andy Kleczka, 3)Dennis Miesler, 4)JJ Anderson, 5)Kevin Bethke, 6)Brandon Long, 7)Greg Potts, 8)Jacob Zellner, 9)Chris Budzban, 10)Troy DeGrave, 11)Cody Hockenstad, 12)Rob Krull, 13)Rod Solem, 14)Jeremy Cota, 15)Josh Peterson, 16)Jake Maurer, 17)Josh Lambert, 18)Wayne Haines, 19)Derek Kaye, 20)Shawn Umentum.

First Heat: 1)Josh Long, 2)Tyler Wilson, 3)Kaye.
Second Heat: 1)Bethke, 2)DeGrave, 3)Zellner.
Third Heat: 1)Jarred VanLaanen, 2)Cota, 3)Solem.

IMCA HOBBY STOCK FEATURE: 1)Cody Junio, 2)Scott Boulanger, 3)Derek Moede, 4)Sawyer Haese, 5)Dan VanPay, 6)Aaron Zellner, 7)Dean Anhalt, 8)Jordan Parma, 9)Wes Salentine, 10)Kelly Rabe.

First Heat: 1)Haese, 2)Boulanger, 3)Van Pay.
Second Heat: 1)Moede, 2)Cory Cotter, 3)Junio.

STREET STOCK FEATURE: 1)Keith Kickbusch, 2)Gary Kasperek, 3)Jerry Winkler, 4)Tony Everard, 5)Marcus Moede, 6)Fred Davister, 7)Lexi Ashcraft, 8)Frank Dorn, 9)Justin Mahlberg, 10)Dave Baenen.

First Heat: 1)Kickbusch, 2)Moede, 3)Dorn.
Second Heat: 1)Kasperek,2)Davister, 3)Winkler.

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