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Jacobs Beats Dart in Near Photo Finish at Luxemburg Speedway

Posted under Race Reports on July 26th, 2014

Photos by Dan Lewis Photography –

By Greg Aregoni

(Luxemburg, WI)- Jeremy Jacobs went into Friday night at Luxemburg Speedway winless on the season in Feature action. Twenty hard fought laps later he beat Todd Dart by inches to pick up his first win of the season.

Other Feature winners included: Shawn Havel(IMCA Stockcars) Lucas Lamberies(IMCA Sportmods) Derek Moede(IMCA Hobby Stocks) Keith Kickbusch(Street Stocks) Matt Peterson(600cc Micro Sprints) and Gabriel Zellner(500cc Micro Sprints)

Tyler Hackett led the opening lap of the IMCA Modified but Jeremy Jacobs ran way up top and way into the lead on lap two. Todd Dart ran to the second spot almost immediately and started to track down Jacobs. Dart would shy away from the shadow to try different lines to get around Jacobs but couldn’t fine the line until halfway through the feature. Dart would lead lap ten with Jacobs coming right back. The final ten laps saw multiple lap lead changes. With Dart on the bottom and in control in turns one and two Jacobs would go higher and higher in turns three and four. On the white flag lap, Jacobs led Dart into turn three but a little bobble allowed Dart to gain an advantage off turn four. Jacobs used all the momentum from the top and beat Dart by mere inches for this first win of the season in front of Dart. Brad Theys beat Brad Lautenbach and Brian Mullen back to the checkered flag of the caution free event.

Donald Aregoni Jr took to the lead of the IMCA Stockcar Feature on the first lap with Matt Junio nestled behind. Junio grabbed the lead on lap two as Shawn Havel moved forward in the field. Havel came through the field and powered passed Junio on the seventh lap. A lone caution on lap nine brought everyone close together again. Shawn Havel was pressured almost immediately from Luke Lemmens when the race restarted. Lemmens ran multiple lines to try to make the pass but always allowed Havel to run his preferred line. Lemmens tried many times to diamond off the corner but couldn’t find enough bite and had to settle for second. Havel picked up his first win of the season at Luxemburg Speedway. Brandon Czarapata grabbed sole possession of the point lead by finishing one spot ahead of Rod Snellenberger. Junio ran to a fifth position.

Lucas Lamberies is the Shawano point leader in the IMCA Sportmods and he showed why the youngster is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Cody Rass welcomed all comers early in the feature event as he took early control. Lamberies quickly came to second and worked to the inside of the leader. Lamberies took control after an early caution and shot into the lead on lap five. He built up his lead by a straightaway and with six laps remaining he entered lapped traffic. He cleared the lapped traffic but a caution with four laps remaining halted the race one last time. Ryan Lemieux entered the equation courtesy of the caution and rose to the occasion and fought with Lamberies up front. Lemieux was able to work inside of the leader on the final lap and give it one more crack for the win. Lemieux could have easily moved Lamberies with his right front but took the high rode and came up just short off the final corner. Lamberies earned
the win in
a hard fought finish over Lemieux. Rass had his best finish of third. Brandon Long finished fourth with Josh Lambert running to a solid top five.

One of the youngsters and one of the veterans in the IMCA Hobby Stock class put on a great race for the fans Friday night. Cody Junio rocketed from his starting position and into the lead of the main event. Junio pulled away from the field as point leader Derek Moede came through the field. Junio built up a straightaway lead on Moede as he made it to the runner-up spot. The final half of the race saw Moede cut into the lead by leaps and bounds. Moede got to Junio’s back bumper with three laps remaining and started to work inside. Junio would take the white flag first with Moede still searching. Moede found what he needed over the final lap and was able to secure the win by a half-car length. Dan Van Pay lost points in the standings by two but still finished a strong third. Scott Boulanger beat Marcus Moede to the line to finish fourth in the caution free race.

Dominance is the word that can be a word described on the season of Keith Kickbusch in the Street Stock division. Kickbusch had his work cut out for him with a tacky track that saw plenty of excitement. Both David DeGrave and Dan Davister cut tires while leading the feature event. Sawyer Haese inherited the lead after the mishaps and set a fast pace in front of Scott Karbon and Keith Kickbusch. Each driver took a crack at the leader but Haese would fight them off.. Kickbusch finally found the line on top and grabbed the lead only to see the caution come out with three laps remaining. The race went back to the last completed lap giving the lead to Haese. Kickbusch went right back to work on top and grabbed the lead with the white flag flying. He stayed in front and picked up the $350 payday. Haese beat Karbon for second. Jason Kostichka finished fourth with Andy Fuhrmann finishing fifth.

Steve Miller and Matt Peterson were the only two race leaders in the Micro Sprints 600cc feature event. Peterson moved passed Miller mid-race and went on to win the main event in the inaugural event.

Gabriel Zellner scored the clean sweep on the evening in the 500cc division. Zellner started on the outside pole of the feature and never looked back. He won the feature by over half a lap over Austin Berg.

Next Friday Night, August 1st is Hall of Fame night at Luxemburg Speedway. Racing gets underway at 7 p.m. Kay Distributing and Bean Boulevard will be sponsoring the races. Go to for all the track information. Call Genial Mathu at 621-3428 for questions or concerns.

IMCA Modified Feature- 1. Jeremy Jacobs 2. Todd Dart 3. Brad Theys 4. Brad Lautenbach 5. Brian Mullen

Heats- #1 1. Dart 2. Jacobs
#2 1. Eric Mahlik 2. Theys
#3 1. Troy Jerovetz 2. Mullen

IMCA Stockcar Feature- 1. Shawn Havel 2. Luke Lemmens 3. Brandon Czarapata 4. Rod Snellenberger 5. Matt Junio

Heats- #1 1. Havel 2. Junio
#2 1. Lemmens 2. Rob Waechter Sr

IMCA Sportmod Feature- 1. Lucas Lamberies 2. Ryan Lemieux 3. Cody Rass 4. Brandon Long 5. Josh Lambert

Heats- #1 1. Andy Kleczka 2. Lemieux
#2 1. Josh Lambert 2. Wayne Haines
#3 1. Lamberies 2. Rass

IMCA Hobby Stock Feature- 1. Derek Moede 2. Cody Junio 3. Dan Van Pay 4. Scott Boulanger 5. Marcus Moede

Heats- #1 1. Moede 2. Jeremy Jauquet
#2 1. Boulanger 2. Junio

Street Stock Feature- 1. Keith Kickbusch 2. Sawyer Haese 3. Scott Karbon 4. Jason Kostichka 5. Andy Fuhrmann

Heats- #1 1. Gary Kasperek 2. Haese
#2 1. David DeGrave 2. Dan Gracyalny

600cc Micro Sprint Feature- 1. Matt Peterson 2. Steve Miller 3. Denver Larson 4. Todd Belanger 5. Josh Bartel

Heats- #1 1. John Matthias 2. Bartel
#2 1. Larson 2. Miller

500cc Sprint Feature- 1. Gabriel Zellner 2. Austin Berg 3. Kyle Getchell 4. Grey Brayak 5. Colten Pepin

Heat- 1. Zellner 2. Berg

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