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Kroll Wins Big in IMCA Stockcar Main Event at Luxemburg Speedway

Posted under Race Reports on May 24th, 2014

Photos by Dan Lewis Photography –

By Greg Aregoni

(Luxemburg, WI)- “Chargin” Charlie Kroll cashed in during the thirty lap feature event at Luxemburg Speedway Friday Night. Kroll held off all Challenges to earn his payday.

Other feature winners included Johnny Whitman(IMCA Modifieds) Tracy Wassenberg(IMCA Sportmods) Dan Van Pay (IMCA Hobby Stocks) and Gary Kasperek(Street Stocks)

R.M. Van Pay led the opening lap of the IMCA Modified feature event until Johnny Whitman over powered him on lap two. Whitman jumped out front and by the halfway point of the race had a straightaway lead on Van Pay. Shawn Kilgore fought his way through the pack and into a top four position. Whitman would encounter lapped traffic with eight laps remaining and move swiftly through. Whitman cruised to his first win of the season at the speedway. He earned the win after a green to checker finish. Van Pay cleared everyone for second. Kilgore battled and eventually beat Eric Mahlik for third. Jason Czarapata made his way to a fifth place finish.

The big money was on the line in the IMCA Stockcar feature event. Charlie Kroll charged from his third place starting position and into the lead after the first lap was completed. Rod Snellenberger made his way to the back bumper after the second lap and the duo played a game of cat and mouse in front of the field. Snellenberger tested the durability of Kroll’s bumper many times in trying to find away around them. Brandon Czarapata moved from seventh to third in a lap and a half as he bolted to the top of the race track. A couple of cautions kept the field close with a ten lap dash for the $550 cash. Kroll fought off both challenges from Czarapata and Snellenberger as they each took turns running second. Kroll picked up the win in front of the field. Czarapata increased his point lead over Snellenberger by beating him to the line for second. Shawn Havel and Rob Waechter rounded out the top five.

After a rough opening night at the track; Tracy Wassenberg had on his lucky shirt and found his way into victory lane in the IMCA Sportmod feature. Wassenberg started up front and looked like a true Super National winner as he put on display through the early part of the feature. A few cautions mid-race allowed the field to stay close. Troy DeGrave worked his way to second when the final caution flew with four laps remaining. DeGrave gave a hard fought effort but Wassenberg ran away from the field in picking up the win. DeGrave earned the point lead for his runner-up finish. Dennis Miesler finished in the top three. Ryan Lemieux and Jarred VanLaanen finished fourth and fifth

First career feature wins are always an exciting thing to see. The fans got just that when they saw 2013 co-champion Dan Van Pay pick up his first career Luxemburg IMCA Hobby Stock feature win. Van Pay started on the outside pole and jumped in front of the field at the start of the main event. Jeremy Jauquet made his way to second but Van Pay just pulled away. Van Pay entered lapped traffic with four laps remaining but he stayed as cool as the other side of the pillow. Van Pay won his first career feature in front of Jauquet. Derek Moede finished third and inherited the point lead. Scott Boulanger and Cory Cotter entered victory lane fourth and fifth.

Gary Kasperek started on the front row of the Street Stock feature and held the lead in front of the field through a series of early race cautions. The first caution involved Keith Kickbusch who had to go down pit lane. Kickbusch restarted fourteenth and quickly made progress through the field. Kasperek stayed out front as Kickbusch ran to third with five laps remaining. Kickbusch moved around Andy Fuhrmann and got to the back of Kasperek with two laps remaining. Kasperek had the right line and held off the defending champion for the win. Fuhrmann brought home another top three finish. First time runner’s Paul Diefenthaler and Mike Wilde completed the top five.

There will be a Custom Car Show next week, May 30th before the races at Luxemburg Speedway.
A-Can-Again-Recycling and Nick’s Auto Parts of Luxemburg will sponsor the races. Racing gets underway at 7 p.m. Check out for all the track information.

IMCA Modified Feature- 1. Johnny Whitman 2. R.M. VanPay 3. Shawn Kilgore 4. Eric Mahlik 5. Jason Czarapata

Consy- 1. Troy Jerovetz

Heats- #1 1. Jay Matthias 2. VanPay
#2 1. Mahlik 2. James Tebon
#3 1. Whitman 2. Josh Long

IMCA Stockcar Feature- 1.Charlie Kroll 2. Brandon Czarapata 3. Rod Snellenberger 4. Shawn Havel 5. Rob Waechter

Heats #1 1. Snellenberger 2. Eric Malfroid
#2 1.Tom Brumlic 2. Rick Mahlberg
#3 1. Waechter 2. Dave Bouche

IMCA Sportmod Feature- 1. Tracy Wassenberg 2. Troy DeGrave 3. Dennis Miesler 4. Ryan Lemieux 5. Jarred VanLaanen

Consy- 1. Andy Kleczka

Heats #1 1. Wassenberg 2. Jake Maurer
#2 1. Lemieux 2. Jacob Zellner
#3 1. Hunter Parsons 2. Josh Lambert

IMCA Hobby Stock Feature- 1.Dan Van Pay 2. Jeremy Jauquet 3. Derek Moede 4. Scott Boulanger 5. Cory Cotter

Heats #1 1. Boulanger 2.Van Pay
#2 1.Jauquet 2. Moede

Street Stock Feature- 1. Gary Kasperek 2. Keith Kickbusch 3. Andy Fuhrmann 4. Paul Diefenthaler 5. Mike Wilde

Heats #1 1.Sawyer Haese 2. Kickbusch
#2 1. Diefenthaler 2. Kasperek

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