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Mahlik, Bouche, Wassenberg, Moede and Kickbusch Capture Wins at Luxemburg Speedway

Posted under Race Reports on June 13th, 2014

Photos by Dan Lewis Photography –

By Greg Aregoni

(Luxemburg, WI)- A win is a win anyway a driver can capture it. Eric Mahlik said that Friday night in the IMCA Modified Feature. Mahlik won after the leader spun out on the white flag lap.

Dave Bouche(IMCA Stockcars) won his first feature event of the season. Tracy Wassenberg(IMCA Sportmods) Derek Moede (IMCA Hobby Stocks) and Keith Kickbusch(Street Stocks) added to their feature win totals.

Kyle Kudick used the top of the racetrack to fend off the competition early in the IMCA Modified main event. Eric Mahlik grabbed the lead only to see the caution make it a no-go. When racing resumed after a couple of cautions Eric Mahlik and Troy Jerovetz split Kudick for the lead. Mahlik used the top of the track to lead at the line with Jerovetz charging in second. Jerovetz fell back for a few laps until his momentum came back and he took the lead with three laps remaining. Jerovetz would lead with Mahlik outside of him as he took the white flag. Jerovetz went into turn one fine but then spun to the infield. Mahlik was left alone in the lead and captured his first feature win of the season. James Tebon wound up second. Benji LaCrosse charged from twelfth to finish third. Jason Czarapata increased his point lead with his fourth place run. Kyle Kudick fell to fifth after leading early.

Dave Bouche started third on the field and timed the start of the IMCA Stockcar Feature perfect. He grabbed the lead going into turn one. Bouche would lead with Eric Malfroid holding off the field. Brandon Czarapata moved into second and pursued Bouche quickly. Czarapata moved to the outside of Bouche and a fifteen lap side by side battle ensued. Czarapata finally went to the extreme outside and found enough bite to take the lead with three laps remaining. Bouche didn’t give up down low and fought back at the white flag. Czarapata stayed outside but Bouche picked up his first win of the season by mere feet. Rod Snellenberger finished third with Shawn Havel fourth. Eric Malfroid had a solid fifth place finish. The feature event went caution free.

Scott Boulanger opened up as the leader of the IMCA Sportmod Feature. Tracy Wassenberg decided to charge up and into the lead on lap two. Wassenberg checked out from the field until a caution on lap eight halted the race. Chris Budzban jumped on the restart into a three-wide battle for second with Jacob Zellner and Boulanger. He made quick work of them and set his distance sights on Wassenberg. A caution with four laps remaining gave Budzban one last chance. Budzban timed the restart perfect and was able to get a run on the outside. Wassenberg stayed true as a former champion and pulled away for his second win of the season. Budzban came home with another runner-up finish. Boulanger had a good run finishing third. Hunter Parsons finished fourth after winning last week. Andy Kleczka made a late race move to finish fifth; thus picking up sole possession of the point lead.

Two cautions kept everyone close at the start of the IMCA Hobby Stock Feature. Once they went green they never saw another caution. Wes Salentine led the first two laps of the feature. Jeremy Jauquet went extremely high and cruised into the lead on lap three. Point leader Derek Moede marched to the front of the show and worked inside for the lead halfway through the feature. Moede went unchallenged the rest of the feature. He increased the point lead after his second win of the season. Dan Van Pay made a late race pass for second over Jeremy Jauquet. Cory Cotter finished fourth in front of last week’s winner Aaron Zellner.

Sawyer Haese led the opening lap of the Street Stock Feature. Keith Kickbusch would shoot low and into the lead on lap two. A caution on lap two was the only halt to the feature. Kickbusch was never challenged in picking up his third win of the season. He marched to a straightaway win over Gary Kasperek. Haese finished third with Scott Karbon fourth. Josh McDonald ran to a top five.

Kid’s Big Wheel races will invade Luxemburg Speedway next Friday night, June 20th. Gnome Games will sponsor the exciting night at the Speedway. Races start at 7 p.m.

IMCA Modified Feature- 1. Eric Mahlik 2. James Tebon 3. Benji LaCrosse 4. Jason Czarapata 5. Kyle Kudick

Heats- #1 1. Rob Charapata 2. Tyler Hackett
#2 1. Mahlik 2. Johnny Whitman
#3 1. Tebon 2. LaCrosse

IMCA Stockcar Feature- 1. Dave Bouche 2. Brandon Czarapata 3. Rod Snellenberger 4. Shawn Havel 5. Eric Malfroid

Heats- #1 1. Snellenberger 2. Billy Lemieux
#2 1. Troy Muench 2. Czarapata

IMCA Sportmod Feature- 1. Tracy Wassenberg 2. Chris Budzban 3. Scott Boulanger 4. Hunter Parsons 5. Andy Kleczka

Heats- #1 1. Kleczka 2. Budzban
#2 1. Wassenberg 2. Troy DeGrave
#3 1. Jeremy Cota 2. Josh Lambert

IMCA Hobby Stock Feature- 1. Derek Moede 2. Dan Van Pay 3. Jeremy Jauquet 4. Cory Cotter 5. Aaron Zellner

Heats- #1 1. Scott Boulanger 2. Cotter
#2 1. Jauquet 2. Moede

Street Stock Feature- 1. Keith Kickbusch 2. Gary Kasperek 3. Sawyer Haese 4. Scott Karbon 5. Josh McDonald

Heat- 1. Haese 2. Frank Dorn

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